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360 Uvalde Rd.
Houston, Texas 77015

Phone: 832-831-7215

13837 Longview St.
Houston, Texas 77015

Phone: 713-330-3112

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Annointed Christian Childcare & Academy I & II

Are you looking for a school where your child can learn effectively, enhance his/her talent and develop his independent character? You are in the right place!

Annointed Christian Childcare & Academy I & II is a Non-Profit 501(c3) and a Christian Based childcare organization serving the area since 1999. We provide a nurturing and positive environment for your child’s convenience. Our professionals are dedicated to provide a loving tender care to your child.

At Annointed Christian Childcare & Academy I & II, we treat you and your child as a family. We maintain a well-qualified staff who models a set of healthy social, spiritual, and emotional skills. We know that a child is still in a learning process of exploring and still curious about almost anything. Having someone who shows good character helps children become well-mannered and build a strong moral foundation in the future.

Let your child have fun while learning with us. If you are interested to take a tour here in our school, all you need to do is to set a schedule today and we will be here to assist you right away!

Our Mission Statement

To ensure every child has access to a quality, yet affordable childcare, early preschool education and after-school program. About us